Pokemon Platinum New Features!!!

A new world in Sinnoh Region will be introduce and this world is called the Distortion World where the epic Story of Garatina on the Distortion world will be featured. Team Galactic didn't stop making trouble and they made more dangerous which will make the Sinnoh Region in Danger. Also a new character and costume will be seen which will make the game more exciting.

This are some impression of the gamers of the New Platinum Version:

-I like how much they've added to the environment and and small changes in the menus and such. I also really like that you've able to go backwards and forwards on the Poketch. Should save a lot of time. The animated backsprites are nice too.

-I like how much faster the pokemon slide into battle. That was seriously what I was most excited about when I started playing :D

-My faaavorite new feature is the fact that you can scroll up and down through the Poketch apps rather than having to cycle through all of them just to find the one you want.

-I also love the unfathomable weird that is the WiFi Plaza thing. It makes me feel like Bill Murray from Lost in Translation...

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