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Tentacruel are large blue jellyfish with two big red crystal spheres which refract sunlight, and can use to store energy. It can extend up to 80 tentacles out of its body, most of which are hidden, leaving up to 14 exposed. It has two beak-like appendages, used mostly to leech caught prey.

Gender differences


Special abilities

Tentacruel wraps its prey in its long tentacles and stings it. Its stings are known to cause excruciating pain.



Tentacruel can be found throughout the ocean, usually congregating in places where warm currents and cold currents come together, and where minerals are plentiful.


  • Tentacruel's original English name was "Man O War".
  • Although it is stated to have 80 tentacles, only a little more than 10 can often be seen.
  • Despite what the Generation III and beyond Pokédex entry states, Tentacruel cannot learn Flash.


Tentacruel is similar to the Man O War, which is not a jellyfish but a cluster of polyps.

Name origin

Tentacruel's name may be a combination of tentacle and cruel. Dokukurage literally means 毒水母, poison jellyfish.

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