How to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game

Words to Remember:

Damage and Status- every time an attack hits, you put damage counters on a Pokemon.

- Other attacks and power give Special Conditions, like poisoned, burned,

paralyzed or confuse.

ACTIVE Pokemon- Your main attacker and defender

- You can switch out your active Pokemon for any of the ones at the bench.

Benched Pokemon- This Pokemon can be sub for the active Pokemon.

- They can’t attack but still use POKE-powers.

ENERGY Card- Pokemon needs a certain number of Energy cards to perform their attacks.

- You can only put one Energy card on a Pokemon per turn.

TRAINER- Play this card for special effects.

Learn how to play in less than sixty second

  1. Shuffle your deck and draw seven cards. Set one BASIC pokemon as your ACTIVE pokemon. Put any other basic pokemon on the bench.

  2. Set aside six prize cards. See who goes first.

  3. When it’s your turn, draw a card form your deck.

  4. You can now put Pokemon from your hand to the bench, add one energy card to a Pokemon, evolve a Pokemon, retreat an ACTIVE pokemon and use POKE-powers.

  5. The last part of your turn is your attack point, damage counter and/or special Condition counters on your opponent’s ACTIVE Pokemon once the attack us over.

  6. Each time you knock out a Pokemon, get one PRIZE card (or two ifyou knock out an Ex card). Play ends when someone gets all six Prize Cards!

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