Be a Pokemon Master!

Ten surefire ways to get you the ultimate badge!
#1. Be a walking pokedex. It looks pretty easy, but you might actually need to have the brain power of Alacazam to acomplish this. There are over 493 Pokemon, from humble bulbasaur to the powerful Arceus.
#2. Help any critter in trouble. Like ash and his friends, you should never be afraid to bail out any Pokemon(or animal) that needs your help. Now the only question- will you be the Blue Rescue Team or the Red Rescue Team.
#3. Have a crack of all the Games. Pokemon started life in video games, with Red and Blue starting it all off on a Game Boy. You can’t call yourself a real Poke-Master until you had a hands-on will all the games. Yep, that includestrying out the rare Hey You, Pikachu! on the n64, selecting only Pikachu (or Jigglypuff, or Pichu, or Mewtwo) in the Smash Bros. series, or loading up a copy of the original Pokemon Green.
#4. Never refuse a Pokemon Challenge. A real Pokemon Master never turns down a challenge from a rival. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi game over DS or a Trading Card Game Battle in schoolyard, you’ve got to prove that you’re the best! But if it turns out that you’re not, you should always first to admit defeat.
#5. Fly the Friendly Pokemon Skies. The ANA(All Nippon Airways) have had all four generations of the pokemon plastered all over the side of their planes, and it’s the dream of every fan to get a boarding pass to one of these amazing aircraft.
#6. Memorize the Poke-Rap. “I want to be the very best, the best there ever was! To beat all the rest, yeah , that’s my cause! Electrode , Diglett, Nidoran , Mankey. Venusaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey…” Do we have to go on? Show your true Poke-Mastery by breaking it down with all the Poke-raps, one after the other! Yes, even the Hoenn one: “It’s the P to the O,K,E,M,O,N….”
#7. Look for a Nurse Joy in every town you Visit. Your best bet is to search in the town’s Pokemon Center. You should never find a Nurse joy anywhere. Heck, you won’t probably would even find an Officer Jenny either. But if you ever do, pull out your best Brock impression and go ask her out or something.
#8. Help Out Other Trainers. Not everyone’s achieved the same level of mastery as you, so you should’nt hesitate to help your fellow trainer’s out. After all, everyone was a newbie once. Never think twice about helping your friend find all the legendary Pokemon in Emerald, or teaching kid on how to play the TCG, or even lending your DS to friends who haven’t tried out Diamond/Pearl.
#9. Go Hardcore. Climb the toughest peaks of fandom by Doing these:
Watch anime-in Japanese!
Cosplay Cynthia or Wallace.
Collect special white, black or yellow Pokemon DS Lite.
Visit a real Pokemon Center (you can find them in Tokyo, Sapporo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and New York).
Join the Official Pokemon Daisuki Club.
#10. Never Forget the Greatest lesson of Pokemon. And the lesson is friendship. What’s the use of #1 to #9 if you don’t prove to yourself to be a good friend? Only a trainer who passed the test of friendship can be called a true Pokemon Master.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whew.. I think i can't make them all.. Especially the #9...

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