Shaymin Ready to Distribute at Toys R Us

Once again, the time has come! The next iteration of the Toys R Us giveaways will soon be upon us! From February 8th (Sunday) to February 14th (Saturday), every participating Toys R Us will be handing out Shaymins to every attendee! Luckily for those with a tight schedule, this event will last for an entire week, and will span through all open hours of the store.

Included in this giveaway, will be a complimentary Pokemon poster and a $5.00 Coupon for any Nintendo DS game.

Shaymin is a pure Grass-Type pokemon that has a balanced set of stats. His special ability is “Natural Cure”, which cures Shaymin of any status effect once it switches out. He also comes with his signature technique: “Seed Flare”, which is a 120 Power Grass-Type move that has 85% accuracy. Shaymin also has the ability to transform into his “Sky Forme”, which gives it boosted Special Attack and Speed at the cost of Defense and Special Defense.

So, once again, for all you virtuous non-hackers out there, you can finally get your hands on this warrior of the skies!

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