Regigigas to be release also on Toys R Us

If Shaymin will be given out at Toy R Us stores from February 8th to the 14th. There is also another event in which Regigigas will be given away. It will start from March 8th through the 21st. The pokémon will come at level 100, in a Cherish Ball. Its moveset includes Crush Grip, Icy Wind, Iron Head and Rock Slide. It will also be holding a Custap Berry.

This event will allow trainers to unlock special areas in Pokémon Platinum where they can catch legendary pokémon Regice, Registeel and Regirock at level 30. It may beuse to catch Regigigas at Snowpoint Temple, level 1 in Platinum.

It is somewhat bizarre that the event ends the day before Platinum is released, making it impossible to get this Regigigas directly to your Platinum cartridge.

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