Featured Pokemon of the Week: Pidgeotto


Pidgeotto is a large raptor-like bird. While its primary color is brown, its plumage is much more elaborate than its pre-evolution, Pidgey. Its head-crest is much longer than Pidgey's and is a reddish color. The plumage of its tail is also quite colorful, alternating between red and yellow. Other than its ornamental plumage, its basic coloration is similar to Pidgey, with pinkish-gray feet and black markings around its eyes. Pidgeotto has powerful talons to grasp prey so these claws can inflict a lot of damage.

Gender differences


Special abilities

As well as being a powerful flier, it is capable of carrying prey several miles to its nest. Pidgeotto have an amazing sense of sight and hearing. Its eyesight is so good that it can spot a Caterpie from several miles up in the air.


After evolution, Pidgeotto assumes a predatory niche. It claims a sprawling territory (more than 60 miles) and will fiercely defend it from intruders. One must be careful when moving through the territory of a Pidgeotto; while there is no evidence that they would attack a human, their sharp claws could cause a lot of damage. Although its nest is usually in the center of its territory, it circles its territory throughout the day, looking out for prey and intruders.


Pidgeotto typically dwell in forests with thick growth and large trees. They need a lot of space, and are very territorial, so it can be assumed that their territories usually do not overlap. They are most common in Kanto and Johto.


Pidgeotto, although omnivorous like most Pokémon, appears to prefer preying on other Pokémon such as Exeggcute. Both the anime and Pokémon Adventures have shown it attempting to eat a main character's Caterpie. Pidgeotto are known to prey on Magikarp by catching them in mid-jump.

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