Guide for Striaton Gym

Striaton Gym is located at Striaton City. This is the first gym that you will encounter in Unova Region. The Gym has 3 gym leader: Cilan, Chili and Cress. Each of the gym leader has its different specialization. Cilan Specialized in grass type Pokemon while Chili specialized in fire type Pokemon and Cress specialized in Water Type Pokemon. If you are curious if Who of those three gym leader that you will be challenge, it would depend upon what starter pokemon that you choose. If your staterter pokemon is Oshawott, pokemon Gym Leader Cilan will battle you. If you choose Snivy, then Pokemon Gym leader Chili will battle you. And if you choose Tepig, Cress will be the gym leader who will battle you. But before you battle the gym leader, there are two trainers along the way that will battle you.


Waiter Maxwell

Pokemon: Lillilup(Lv. 11)

Reward: Pokémon Dollar440

Waiter Maxwell

Pokemon: Patrat(Lv. 10), Purrloin(Lv. 10)

Reward: Pokémon Dollar400

Geam Leaders:

Gym Leader Cilan(Grass Type)

Pokemon: Lillilup(Lv. 12), Pansage(Lv. 14)

Reward: Pokémon Dollar1680

Gym Leader Chili(Fire Type)

Pokemon: Lillilup(Lv. 12), Pansaer(Lv. 14)

Reward: Pokémon Dollar1680

Gym Leader Cress(Water Type)

Pokemon: Lillilup(Lv. 12), PanPour(Lv. 14)

Reward: Pokémon Dollar1680

After you have defeated one of the gym leaders, you will receive the following:

· Pokémon Dollar1680

· Trio Badge

· TM83(Work Up)

You can now use the Cut move when you have the trio badge.

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