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Minccino is a furry, gray-colored chinchilla Pokémon, sporting scruffs of fur on its head, ear insides, and neck. Minccino's large ears, located to the sides of its head, have red insides partly covered by the aforementioned tufts of fur there. Its eyes are large and brown, with a small, dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its tail is long and particularly furry.

Gender differences


Special abilities

Minccino's tail acts like a broom and uses it to clean its den.

Minccino cleaning Behavior

Minccino brush each other with their tails as a greeting. They are obsessed with cleaning dirty items.

Minccino in the anime Major appearances

Bianca's Minccino

Bianca's Minccino appears in BW013, where it was initially a wild Pokémon. It stole Ash's new badge case in order to clean it, and ultimately gets caught in one of Bianca's Poké Balls.

Minor appearances

A Minccino appears in In The Shadow of Zekrom!, where it was running alongside some children in the streets of Nuvema Town.

Another Minccino belonging to a little boy appears in BW019 where it was being examined by an S-class Pokémon Connoisseur.

More information at: Bulpapedia

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