Episode of Pokemon This April Revealed!

According to a Japanese TV Guide Magazine, four new episodes of Best Wishes series are scheduled to air next month. The episodes will mark the anime debut appearances of Hitomoshi (Litwick), the Candle Pokémon and Monmen (Cottonee), the Cotton Puff Pokémon.

The tentative titles for the episodes are:

BW029: The Scary Story of the Hitomoshi Mansion

BW030: The Road to Become a Dragon Master

BW031: The Missing Hotachi

BW032: The Adored Monmen Rides the Wind

The twenty-ninth episode of the ongoing series will feature t

The Ghost/Fire-type Pokémon, Hitomoshi, and it is set to air on April 7, 2011. The thirtieth and thirty-first episodes are scheduled to air on April 14 and 21, respectively. The last episode for the coming month follows on April 28 and will be focused on the Grass-type Monmen.

We will update the respective articles with the full episode titles as soon as they are available.

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