Revelation of Three Stater Pokemon English Name

You heard it right! The three strarting Pokemon Tsutarja(Grass type), Pokabu(Fire type), Mijumaru(Water type) english name will be revealed. The official pokemon site announced that they will reveal the english name of the three stater pokemon on November 22, 2010, Monday. As of now the latest season of pokemon which is Pokemon:Best Wishes is still in japanese version and was aired last September 18,2010. The US and European version for the said season will be airing this coming Spring 2011. 

There were many speculation about the name of one of the starter Pokemon. One of this is Tsutarja whom they said that the english name of this pokemon is Smugleaf. But it's only just a rumor. We will just wait for the their english name and find out if this name they were trying to say is true or not. 

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