Black and White Revealed Cards

A new card for the upcoming Black and White Collection set has been revealed. Three new cards has been revealed together with one promotional card. he set will be split in two, with the revealed Mijumaru and Darumakka in the White Collection, and Kurumiru in Black Collection. A Zoroark promo card was also revealed, which will be given if one buys a booster box at a Gym Challenge event. Ten cards has been revealed in total form the black and white collection set. These includes:

Black Collection Set

Professor Araragi (53)
Pokémon Center
Max Potion (51)
Kurumiru (1)-revealed

White Collection
Tsutarja ( 1)
Mijumaru (11)
Jalorda (3)
Great Ball (49)-Revealed
Darumakka ( 5)-Revealed

Promotional Card
Zoroark ( 7)-revealed

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