A New Generation of Pokemon in DS

A new generation of Pokemon will be released in Japan this year, with “new adventure to be discover and a new Pokémons” and “contain various never before known experiences”. It was announced during Nintendo’s third quarter financial results briefing and was presented by Satoru Iwata the Nintendo President. He said:

"I’d like to introduce you to another new Pokémon title, which should become one of the most anticipated Nintendo DS titles for this year. The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have been developing a new Pokémon title with the aim to launch the software this year.

The cumulative global sales of all the Pokémon series software have reached 130 million. This new Pokémon software will become the first brand new Pokémon title in 4 years since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which sold more than 5.8 million units in Japan, was launched.

Of course, this totally new Pokémon title will include new fields of adventure and a number of new Pokémons living there. As a totally new version, it will contain various unprecedented experiences."

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