Heartgold and Soulsilver Updates!

The new version of Pokemon game in DS is coming soon. The Nintendo Company will be releasing the new version of Pokemon which is Heartgold and Soulsilver this coming 14th of March 2010. That's right 2 weeks starting from now, a new adventure is awaiting for you. The legendary Lugia and Ho-oh will rise again in this version. Since this two legendary Pokemon will rise again, they will give you a 2'5" tall Ho-oh Action figure when you reserve a Pokemon Heartgold Version and an amazing 2'5" tall Lugia Action figure when you reserve a Pokemon Soulsilver Version. This two action figure is handcrafted by the world's renowned figure makers Kaiyodo.

If you want to make a reservation and have this 2 exclusive Pokemon figures just click here.

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