Featured Pokemon


Piplup resembles a penguin chick and also looks a little bit like Torchic. It has yellow feet and a light-blue body. There are two white spots on its chest that seem to resemble buttons on a suit. It also appears to have a blue cape. It has a circular, blue head with white circles around its eyes and a small, yellow beak.

Gender differences


Special abilities

Piplup mainly know how to use Water attacks such as Bubble, but they also know pecking attacks.


Piplup have a large sense of self-pride. Because of this, a Piplup has a hard time accepting food from humans.


Piplup live along the sea shore in colder climates. However, Piplup are quite rare and they're usually given out by Proffessor Rowan to new Pokémon trainers in the Sinnoh Region.

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