Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum: Starting Tips

A lot of newbies ask what should they do for the first time. Well I would discuss some tips in order to get you go in game.

Travel everywhere. You must explore every place of the Sinnoh Region. If there is a dead end in a town or along the routes, chances are there is something hidden there. Same with random missing patches of grass; if there is one small block that doesn't have grass covering it, stand next to the 'bald' patch, and press A to investigate.

Otherwise, just make sure you have Pokemon that can learn the HM Moves that you'll need to use. If you want to maintain your party as is, you'll need to do a fair bit of juggling Pokemon to be able to use the various conveniences that some HM moves give you.

You should battle every trainer you see. This gives you a good experience point on your Pokemon. Aside from the exp that you will get, this would help you in order to finish your Pokedex. And also, gives you money that you will use to buy potion, pokeballs, Etc..

For Pokemon, as much as possible give them a hold item like oran berry. Hold items would help pokemon in some ways. Also if you get new HM, make sure that you have a pokemon that can be an HM slave. This HM will help you on you on your journey.

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